Abuse Stifles

Abuse works by diminishing someone till they feel so small, useless, powerless to defend themselves. When the victim is weakened by fear, hopelessness, lack of resolve, all out of solutions and fighting spirit —this is when the bully steps in and shows his might.

Sit and imagine the fear of the moment. The torment of thinking ‘what is going to happen next’; the second guessing whether she did something wrong; the feeling of powerlessness of being at someone’s whim; the wishing that ‘maybe this time I will get it right’; feeling of aloneness…no one can help.

The only way out for this broken soul is kindness. The love of kindness that someone extends to help someone out of that hole. Champion them, fight for them…not just stand by and look. Someone to help them dream again and give them a hand reaching their goals. Someone who reminds them of their skills and talents so that they may try again against all the fear.

An avenue that one who was abused can explore is to see the experience as ‘an event that has happened’ and it has come to pass. Understanding that one does not have to give up, only rest; that one can change life through action; that dreams can be accomplished slowly.

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Working on Journal Articles for Singapore Plenary

Adding to the body of work on stress, job satisfaction, participation in health and well-being programs. No known study has yet been published on the effect of health and well-being programs on job productivity and work engagement.

The findings provide that stress, job satisfaction, and participation in health and well-being programs do predict employee well-being. however, of the three variables, job satisfaction has been the most significant predictor. Job satisfaction is achieved when employees find meaning and purpose at work, have built strong and meaningful relationships in the workplace, and feel that they are able to cope with work stresses.

The document further suggests that developing a wellness program that marries management of stress and overwhelm with a Cognitive Behavioural model will be an effective way towards well-being for employees.

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