“life is real. Hindi siya nagsisinungaling. What you put into life is what you get back. How you will react to it and shape it becomes what you will experience. What you need to do is to be true to yourself and to others. Do not come into life expecting that you will be happy when you always get your way. Life is meaningful and well-lived when you keep adjusting…growing…reconnecting

Life does not choose victims. For the most part, you are the victim of your decisions and choices.

It is with that mindset that MJ —-who came from a difficult life situation —got herself into the L’oreal Home Beautician School for women. She chose the hard road of earning a living while going to school and helping provide for others. It is such an opportunity to work with women who believe that they create their own lives by taking responsibility for their God-given freedom. They work in faith, with hope, and an undying belief that life will be fair to their efforts.

The world has hope if only for such women.