Its a Wrap! Batch 8 of Ideaspace

Its amazing how these young guys had the grit to stick it though with their businesses despite the Pandemic. While big businesses close down, senior workers lose hope, designers and manufacturers with years of experience stockpile their unsold good and predict gloom —the young and the nimble slug it out and stay faithful to their dreams.

It was such an opportunity to coach these young founders 3 years in a row!


Protect Yourselves Against Burnout

DOST Webinar on Managing Stress

With the amount of stress all workers are going through now, burnout is a reality. Among the many threats are job security, financial stress, constant changes in the office landscape, the threat against health as Covid continues to ravage the Philippines.

The antidote against burnout is counterintuitive. It is not slowing down but engaging oneself more in the workplace: job crafting, developing relationships, managing expectations of peers, and developing a healthy mindset is the antidote.


Staying Employed During Covid

As cover rages on, many continue to lose work opportunities. Many executives are fearful to lose jobs and sources of income that it builds anxiety and worry. Having worked both as an employee and as a consultant, i find that working in a company does not ensure job security: work politicks, company streamlining can cost you to lose your job that quickly. Its best to rely on your skills, abilities, talents. With your skills in tow, learn to develop your relationships, and work on your negotiation techniques. You will always have a fruitful career.


Cover Continues to Ravage

As cover 19 continues to rave the Philippines, many of our brothers and sisters contemplate subside, fall into depression, become anxious. As a largely catholic nation, reliance and interpretation of events from a religious perspective in immanent. In this show, we talk about how our relationship with God colours our interpretation of event and becomes either a risk or protective factor during this tough season. Watch the video here.


Getting Along Works

Good relationships matter

At this time of tight markets, team togetherness is extremely important. Its important to the team’s health that each one knows that they have their backs covered, that they have a friend looking out for their intentions. Take time as a team to catch up, trade stories, just be together. Build trust as a business initiative.


Staying Strong During the Pandemic

Strengths are a shortcut to wellness

It is easy to stay strong when we focus on our strengths because doing so gives us an immediate lift. It is more fun to work with strengths and thus we keep longer at the task and reap rewards faster


Testimonial: Experience Philippines’ Gian Gallegos

Finding your strength in all situations

Gian Gallegos is a winner of the prestigious Ideaspace annual contest for start-up. Gian, who has been diagnosed with ADHD, had been challenged in many business opportunities as ‘nothing could hold his interest and attention easily.’ When Covid closed down the Philippines, he worried for his travel intensive business, wondering how he or his business could survive the downturn. His insight from our work together is as above.


Testimonial: Start-up founder IOL

Want to bullet proof your business ?

Baguio-based Start-up entrepreneur, Kevin Gayao is the CEO and owner of ILO — Institute of Learning. It is an online platform that helps schools enable their teachers to provide online classes to their students. The platform was developed pre-civid. And, because of its strategy, it was able to tighten their operations, processes, and courses making it very easy to serve their markets amidst Covid.


Testimonial for multi-awarded start-up Ecfulfill

Working with Neptune Factor on personal growth issues has allowed his creative side to emerge. Fearful and shy, he prior to coaching, he was unable to unleash creativity because of his fear of standing out. Today, his online start-up helps showcase filipino products to the international market. Without Neptune stepping out of his own fear, where would many of our Filipino small businesses be?

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