Working with OFW Families: Seafarers Workshop

Arianne Blanche, Advocate for Seafarers Wellness under CF Sharp

Working with Arianne through the years has been very very fulfilling. Through her company, CF Sharp, we have been able to enrich many many lives of the OFW spouses left in manila as their spouses work overseas. It is challenging to work with families that have been torn apart by necessity to make ends meet. There is much guilt, jealousy, loneliness, and resentment built up through the separation. The spouses left in Manila take up dual roles of father & mother to the kids; must be able to handle family finances, and must be able to manage in-laws who often judge them. indeed they are our unsung heroes.


Ethical Research Training

Dr. Caring Tarroja giving a lecture on Ethics in Research, DLSU

Updating skills is a necessary part of being a competent practitioner. Specially with the new ruling of the PAP, Philippine psychologists must be well aware of the ethical principles so that clients can be sure of quality service. Here we are training under the National Scientist Awardee Dr. Caring Tarroja.

For me, the most important learning is the importance of avoiding duality in relationships, specially in the field of research. It ensures that information gathered is more objective and therefore the study more reliable and the results more valid.

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