Making Relationships Work during Covid-19

Relationships are on trial as Covid-19 rages. Family members snipe and gripe. Everyone tries to get understanding and support from the other, but somehow, it is thin in coming. It is unfair to judge your spouse or demand from them at such an unusual trying time. There are simply too many points of uncertainty. Work on your relationship by focusing on your inner growth. Develop listening skills, self-reflection, test your personal strengths. Be there for yourself, try to give, but take care of yourself first. Once the situation normalises, attitudes and loving gestures will return as well. Watch the full Webinar here.


Grit and Grind: the science of staying mentally fit during Covid-19

Co-hosting the mental health webinar for Mental Health

Working with start-ups whist they worry about their online businesses during such a harrowing business climate. They could easily lose their savings, many years of hard work. Its that much easier to lose hope and spiral to disappointment, anxiety, depression. Through this webinar, I teach them how to fight against the thoughts. When we focus on strengths, achievements, and words of support , we gain confidence and achieve more inspite of challenges around. View the webinar here.


Woman Up Episode 3: importance of meditation

Woman Up: Show for OFWs . Providing support during the Covid-19

The Philippines finds itself unable to do Easter Services celebrations as the Philippines is still in lockdown. To go with ritualistic prayers, meditation is a helpful tool that fosters well-being. Meditation helps because it helps us stay in the present situation. This helps us become grateful for what we do have. Deep breathing helps to centre the mind and calm the racing thoughts. Being still helps us retrain focus on on surroundings and helps our different senses attune to the goings-on without any judgement around it. A quick 5 minutes a day is all it takes. Build on this healthy habit. To view the webinar, click the link.


The Situation and not the Attitude that defines the actions of a person

Guesting with a group that provides support for OFWs

The government has just extended quarantine from April 15 to May 15. And, people are naturally anxious for their family and friends. In the homefront, family members are frequently at each other’s nerves as tensions then to escalate quickly. It is the collective anxiety that adds to our own tension. Many families ask me if their spouse is really the horrid person to bickered because of a minor ruffle on the table cloth; who became demanding when the veggies weren’t cooked well enough. The answer is ‘NO”. Everyone is reacting to the stress of the situation. Simply put, they are not nasty people. they are people placed in a nasty situation. Listen more on this topic at my webinar https://www.facebook.com/BeamAndGo/videos/265032667861638/UzpfSTc3NjAwNTIxNDoxMDE2MzQ4OTczNDY2MDIxNQ/


Money can’t buy Happiness

People’s greatest fear now is the loss of money.

Do we still have jobs? where we going to get the money for stuff we need? How are our businesses going to run? Will we have enough to ride this out?Those are the conversations amongst friends, officemates, parents. As if having money would certainly make them happy.

The science suggests that after the amount needed for basic needs, the excess monies does not equally increase the levels of happiness. And so, before worrying whether you would be happy with less shoes or less expensive vacations, the science suggests you chill. You will be just as happy with the old pair of slippers and a trip to the local beach. Someone with the BMW and Prada bag isn’t happier than someone carrying a nylon bag on a the MRT. People simply get used to the things they have that the novelty wears off pretty quickly.

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