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Thinking Abundance Helps to Create Abundance

Scarcity mentality

Scarcity mindset or scarcity mentality in simplest terms is the belief that you will never be or have enough –whether its money, food, emotions —and as a result, you are always feeling like you lack. When we are at a position of lack, our minds are actually less efficient. A mind that believes there is less has less capacity for problem-solving, less time to do other things in life, less time for relationships, less time for work. Having a scarcity mentality makes us more concerned over a few elements in our lives resulting in a lack of room for other things in the periphery. To reduce feelings of scarcity, we can give ourselves some slack time —do not pack days too tightly that there is no time for family events, no time for the sweetheart, no time to enjoy an ice cream cone in the park or take care of unaccounted for eventualities like a car breakdown. How to create slack time? By intentionally keeping pockets of unaccounted-for time in our calendar…sort of ‘having a meeting with myself’ entry. By the intentionality alone, we are messaging ourselves that ‘yes, I am enough, and I am worthwhile’

Reflection Question:
Did you your best today to be happy, content, and thankful for all that you are and have?

Reflection in Action:
Eat a bowl of your favorite ice cream, laugh with a friend, do arts & crafts. Enjoy the simple things which mean much

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You are Always Enough

Covid-19 Challenge: Take care of yourself because you are always enough

Feeling enough

Our minds cannot help but compare ourselves to others all the time.

There are many reasons why we do this: to check whether we are progressing at the same rate as others; to feel better about ourselves; to evaluate opinions and abilities; to improve ourselves.

Constant comparing ourselves, however, can do more harm than good. It brings harm especially when we wrongly compare: our whole lives to a picture of our friends’ sunny vacation in France; our success with the BMW of a neighbor.

Making wrong comparisons depletes our self-belief, confidence, motivation.

We are all unique and with varying talents and therefore varying journeys in life.

Comparing oneself to another is like comparing apples and oranges.

It’s almost impossible as the textures, scents, taste profiles are different.

Happiness, peace, well-being come from within.

Understand that there is more right with you than wrong with you.

You have more gifts and talents than you can ever use.

You have more value than anyone object can identify. You are enough right now and you deserve to be loved.

Reflection Question:
Did you give yourself a hug today, acknowledging the value you are in the world?

Reflection in Action:
Learn to enjoy the day without accomplishment

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Focus on Your Strengths When in Crisis

Covid-19 Challenge: Focusing on your strengths makes you more resilient

Focus on your strengths

We all have strengths: things we are good at; have thinking strategies that have to help us rebound; have personal traits (such as optimism, hopefulness, creativity, perseverance). We can use our strengths to help us through tough life events. Leading with our strengths helps us balance out the negative events by surmounting challenges using our own thinking, healthy coping behaviors, attitudes.

Reflection Question:
What do you like most about yourself? How many times have you used it the past weeks? What holds you back from using it with more frequency?

Reflection in Action:
Live your day manifesting your favorite personal strength

Take the assessment here to know your top 5 strengths:

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Creativity adds to Resilience

Cover-19 Challenge: Creativity is Key

Resilience can be cultivated by boosting creativity. We are creative when we turn imaginative ideas into reality, or when we find new ways and ingenious solutions to problems. Or when we see new connections and patterns between seemingly unrelated phenomena. Creativity is within each one of us and it is a resource we can use to solve problems in a fun and imaginative way. Boosting or waking up the creativity within is a valuable way to spend time. Start small: an art class using items like leaves, petals, images to create art. Express yourself in new ways —dance, sing, put on make- up and fun clothes, read poetry aloud. By stretching your creative spirit, you will be more able to deal with stressful situations.
Reflection Question:
How did you engage all that you are —the thinking, rationale, and structured you + your child within who just loves to play?
Reflection in Action:
Do a silly fun thing just for the pure enjoyment of life

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Living Core Values is key

21 Day Covid Challenge

Living our core values

Values are defined as the standards of behavior or one’s judgment of what is important in life. For example, if a personal value is integrity, then, not only does he strive for honesty; he also strives for doing the right thing even if no one knows, lives a life wherein there is congruence with what he says, feels, and thinks. Those whose lives are consistent with their core values experience a deep sense of happiness, enjoyment, and often are not as affected by life challenges such as loss of income or reduced employment status.

Complete the statement:
I ________________________________(name) aim to live my top 5 values, (choose from the list above) __________________________________. I will do this consistently to affect positive change in my life and to bring joy in the lives of those whom I love.

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Keep Your Head in the Game: Focus on the Right Stuff

Covid -19 resilience: Focus on the right stuff

Focus on the right stuff

Well-being is the sense of being comfortable, healthy, happy. It includes high life satisfaction, sense of purpose, and the ability to handle stress well. Our well-being increases when we focus our time and talents on attaining the right stuff. Rather than looking to make more money, get a better job, or acquiring new things, our well-being increases when we have ample amount of time for all the things we love to do, we focus on what we have at the moment, we engage in giving, and we work towards forming relationships.

Reflection Question:
Are we spending our time worrying about our jobs, money, focusing on things we cannot have?
How have those times added to your life?
What are you willing to adjust to becoming happier?

Reflection in Action:
Do an act of gratitude towards someone who cannot repay you. Reflect on it in your daily prayer.

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Abundance Thinking and Resilience

Abundance Thinking

There are 6 ways to make you come out on top when the pandemic eases:
(1) focus on what you have –be grateful for the resources you already have;
(2) master skills and create new solutions to
current problems;
(3) look for the good –train yourself to look for the good in situations;
(4) surround yourself with positive people;
(5) recognize that every situation has unlimited possibilities.
You can expand your awareness by slotting in a quiet and peaceful time within your day;
(6) do things that make you happy. Whether it is cooking, doing a craft, or reading, allow yourself that leisure and then share its benefits with others.

Reflection Question:
Which thoughts have hindered you from enjoying this gift of time and family? Are you willing to let
them go and turn towards abundant thinking?

Reflection in Action:
Look for at least 5 good things today and use meditation time to reflect on them and be grateful for

Watch the full video here:

Watch the full video here:


Live with Loving Intentions

Covid-19 ECQ Challenge: Living with Loving Intentions

Loving intentions can influence the health of another. Praying for someone who is sick, may help them get better. There are studies that show how prayer transmits energy and/or positive mental suggestions from one person to another. When we have positive intentions for another, we also free our minds from worry, resentfulness, and preoccupation with negativity. We replace them with peace, joy, confidence, and creativity.

Reflection Question:
Have you been engaging social and envying those who seem to have cushy surroundings and yummy meals? What would happen if you blessed their situation and then became thankful for what you also have?

Reflection in Action:
Pray for a friend and wish them solace


The Importance of Focusing on What You Can Control —surviving the ECQ

Cover-19 ECQ Resilience Challenge: Locus of Control

Internal Locus of Control

The degree by which we believe we have great control over the events that affect our lives. When we believe we create our success and happiness, we become motivated to take action and improve our life situations. Being in control of our lives makes us less likely to experience anxiety, stress — less victims to life’s circumstances.

Some action words associated with Internal locus of control are: personal power, inner strength, personal control over situations

Reflection Question:
In the Wuhan-Virus experience, there are many things that we cannot control. And, there are equally many things that are within our power to control. Which parts of your life are you exerting control over in a positive way?

Reflection in Action:
What new action can you do today that showcases your leadership in your life?

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Thinking ‘We’ during pandemic situations

Day 3 of the ’21 day Resilience Challenge

Think ‘We’ instead of ‘I’ during pandemics and emergencies

In a case of looking at just your own survival (ie. ‘I will go our only if I know I do not have the virus’) will be counterproductive to the majority because whilst we may feel well, the most vulnerable —kids, infirmed, old) is at the risk of infection. When our thought is ‘we will survive’, we automatically seek solutions that protect the community because the loss of 1 is a loss to all

Reflection Question:
We have a moral obligation to avoid imposing risks on others. Within your own sphere of influence, how have you created a safe harbor at home (through acts of kindness and understanding for example) that will motivate your family members to stay home?

Reflection in Action:
What new action can you do today to serve at least 1 friend or neighbor?

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