Self-Care and what it means to happiness


Winnie the Pooh is the poster child of what is important in life. When he gets honey all over himself, gets stuck in friends’ doorways, gets stung by a bee, he enjoys life’s sweetness with intensity.

He loves, lives without worry or self-judgment.

He has no care of missing out because he is too enthralled by the present. He says stuff like “today is my favorite day.

Yesterday, when it was tomorrow, it was too much day for me.’ Pooh lives joyously and sings life.

He buys red balloons simply because it makes him and others happy.

Pooh is about being there for himself and being a good friend towards others.

Because he does not take himself too seriously, he takes life as it comes (without measuring it by its outcomes), he prioritizes happiness and joy — and in the process, he stays funny, beloved, insightful and happy.

There is a time for everything: time for feeling emotions, enjoying abundance, showing empathy, giving in to patience, and faith.

Having time for everything while loving yourself and believing in yourself is self-care.

Reflection Question:

Life has many gifts. Accepting its bounty leads to self-care. Have you appreciated the ebb and flow of life by enjoying life’s gifts and letting tomorrow happen for the moment?

Reflection in Action:

Sit today with your feelings and thoughts. Identify each of them. Ask them ‘what gift do you bring me?’

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