That’s the Rorschach class late Thursday evening group coding a protocol as part of the learning process. here we are trying to code “dead bugs” on a rainy night. My hair has turned grey in the hairline, my Roxas scowl has deepened and these blots have just revealed a peep of their magic. This is the level of dedicated work us psychologists put into our therapy plans. Here’s To us psychologists who think talking about dead bugs makes for such an entertaining and engaging conversation on a rainy cozy Thursday night

Its Never Price. Its lack of Value

Imagine this are excited about your service, you can’t think of a better package for your customers —the price seems right, it has the perfect bells and whistles, you added riders to make it even more interesting, And it can be customized to suit the unique needs of the customer. Off you go and offer it to the select few whom you believe will snap it up in a second. You dressed up, brought your A game, picked the right place to meet. And, after a few moments of showing off your new product…the client says “sorry, not interested”. Dejected, down and out, lost your stride, you are thinking to quit. Right way to go? WRONG!

Resource Speaker for PVPI on Wellness in the workplace

Mental Health Speaker for Wellness in the Workplace

My career has taken an unexpected turn …a happy happy turn of events. Because the pandemic has side-lined health in the workplace, companies are doing all they can to support their employees at these harrowing times. Wellness programs are in and its focus are no longer on company outings and Christmas parties. Instead, they direct their funds into meaningful activities which keep employees engaged on higher levels. Employee engagement and motivation is not about vacations, free lunches, and less work. Instead it is about job-matching, job crafting, and building collaboration across the organization.

Associate Professor at iAcademy

Class of 2021 in Human Development

Starting out the new year as an Associate Professor at Iacademy. Never thought I would end up in the academe ..yet it has been a wonderful ride. It is inspiring to teach and much more inspiring to learn. The youth, with their vigor and energy are engaging with new ideas brought by experiencing the world in a new way. The 20s of today are so different from the 20s in the early 1990’s. They are more adventurous , less afraid, more daring to be different, more open about life experiences. Good for them

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