Employee Mental Wellness is Key to Career Success

Mental wellness  has become a core challenge in the 21st century. Information from a report published by Drug company Elsevier provides information on the prevalence of mental health disorders in the EU population. Research shows that if one combines the full spectrum of mental disorders, there is an estimate of 38% of total EU population have mental disorders. Of those, there are more women than men.

The highest single contributor to the total disease burden is depression. other mental disorders. other frequent mental disorders are anxiety, insomnia, somatoform, alcohol and drug dependence. Job stress has been known to contribute to mental stress which could lead to the mental disorders mentioned. And, one way of circumventing mental distress is to know how to work effectively with challenges on the job. Instead of feeling overwhelmed about handling a new team, or stressed out over new responsibilities of a promotion, enjoy the challenge by working smart. There is a science to working office politics, managing the power base , working with team members with different agendas.

Finding an effective way to deal with challenges makes you feel less overwhelmed, more in control, and shows proper coping with everyday job problems. A Harvard Business Review Article: Nine Ways Successful People Defeat Stress, provides some steps you can take to handle job stress on a daily basis. Click article here.

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Why suffer from burnout or rack up sick leaves, or wave the white flag in defeat when there are concrete solutions that provide measurable results making work fun, exciting, challenging rather than a dark deep black hole.

Resource for Mental Illness Article:
Title: The Size and Burden of Mental Disorders and Other Disorders of The Brain in Europe 2010
By: Wittchen H. U., Jacobi, F et al
Published by: 2011 Elsevier B. V.

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