Never remain the same

Imagine if you insisted to do business the same way as you did before the pandemic came around…by now your business would have died or is in the verge of collapse. Never stay the same. Be flexible, ready to embrace new ways of doing things, ready to learn. Isn’t the dinosaur, the most powerful terrifying beast extinct now…are companies such as Nokia dn Kodak no longer in the market?


Medhyve Founder: I am my business’s best asset

The best resource of your career/ business/ family is YOU. Invest in your well-being to make it through these trying times: Identify your “why’ –the gut reason why you take the trouble of going to work; remain engaged by working with proactive people who want to succeed and are willing to do the work it takes to be successful; become resilient by placing yourself in environments that are supportive, demand the best from your, and willing to invest in you; be part of a community that celebrates its people with gestures of kindness, gratitude, and forgiveness.Don’t just wait for the vaccine or others to help you out. Make your own route towards well-being. You can be happy, healthy, and well NOW


Staying Employed During Covid

As cover rages on, many continue to lose work opportunities. Many executives are fearful to lose jobs and sources of income that it builds anxiety and worry. Having worked both as an employee and as a consultant, i find that working in a company does not ensure job security: work politicks, company streamlining can cost you to lose your job that quickly. Its best to rely on your skills, abilities, talents. With your skills in tow, learn to develop your relationships, and work on your negotiation techniques. You will always have a fruitful career.


Art of Negotiation

Negotiations get stuck when there is a desire to put one over the other. The winner-takes-all mentality makes us do things which undermine honesty, integrity, and often lead to negativity, anger and hurt. And, when we engage hurt and violence, we become aggressive and selfish. The negative mindset then makes us vice-grip our position…stalemate happens. But, there is another way. There is a way to negotiate that builds relationships and friendships which then strengthens and binds businesses. And that is to seek ways to give the other what is essential or important to him whist considering what is important to ourselves as well. This method of negotiation requires trust, transparency, and justice as key values.


Anxiety over the New Normal

As of this writing, the Philippine government has not lifted the quarantine measures and there are no solutions in sight to handle the Wuhan virus and its effects on the Philippine economy, transport needs, workers needs, health needs. It is a tough time and this exacerbates mental health. In this webinar, I speak about how the losses of certainty, security, connection continue to affect mental health. View the video here.

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