Keeping your head above water

So many changes in the political front which are exhausting and exhilarating to watch as the elections loom. Each candidate is selling hope but do they have the political will to make it all happen. When we surround ourselves with supportive people, do meaningful things, stick to our principles we keep hope alive. Its hope that will help us cross rivers, climb mountains

Are Couples Making Through the Pandemic?

Many couples coming for therapy have asked if their bickering, snapping, and impatience is ‘the norm’ among marrieds during the pandemic. Rather than give an opinion, I did some research to get a good feel for it. The gist is, not all couples are feeling stresses and dealing with it the same way. 1. Young couples are dealing better than old age couples2. same sex couples , african-american couples, other minorities are not surviving as healthily as their counterparts3. Couples who have unhealthy attachment styles are very stressed.4. Couples who were strong, committed, and grounded are thrivingAlways go for the evidence. Never the opinion. Seek the Sciences


We are still at Covid and its almost a year now

We started the lockdown on March 13, 2020 and its now January 13, 2021. While there are vaccines on the horizon, the implementation of the inoculation plan or the availability is till up in the air.

Given this, there are a few psychological insights that can help boost understanding. To this, psychologists have studied personality and its prediction to following lockdown rules. Those who are neurotic, conscientious, agreeable, and open are most inclined to follow the ‘stay-at-home protocols. Openness is the most astonishing finding because you would think their adventurous nature would make it difficult for them. The finding however is that people who score high in the openness personalty trait get news faster and see how devastating world-wide Covid is and so they tend to follow the rules.

Yes, personality can help predict such things as these.


Protect Yourselves Against Burnout

DOST Webinar on Managing Stress

With the amount of stress all workers are going through now, burnout is a reality. Among the many threats are job security, financial stress, constant changes in the office landscape, the threat against health as Covid continues to ravage the Philippines.

The antidote against burnout is counterintuitive. It is not slowing down but engaging oneself more in the workplace: job crafting, developing relationships, managing expectations of peers, and developing a healthy mindset is the antidote.


Staying Employed During Covid

As cover rages on, many continue to lose work opportunities. Many executives are fearful to lose jobs and sources of income that it builds anxiety and worry. Having worked both as an employee and as a consultant, i find that working in a company does not ensure job security: work politicks, company streamlining can cost you to lose your job that quickly. Its best to rely on your skills, abilities, talents. With your skills in tow, learn to develop your relationships, and work on your negotiation techniques. You will always have a fruitful career.


Cover Continues to Ravage

As cover 19 continues to rave the Philippines, many of our brothers and sisters contemplate subside, fall into depression, become anxious. As a largely catholic nation, reliance and interpretation of events from a religious perspective in immanent. In this show, we talk about how our relationship with God colours our interpretation of event and becomes either a risk or protective factor during this tough season. Watch the video here.


Staying Strong During the Pandemic

Strengths are a shortcut to wellness

It is easy to stay strong when we focus on our strengths because doing so gives us an immediate lift. It is more fun to work with strengths and thus we keep longer at the task and reap rewards faster


Testimonial: Start-up founder IOL

Want to bullet proof your business ?

Baguio-based Start-up entrepreneur, Kevin Gayao is the CEO and owner of ILO — Institute of Learning. It is an online platform that helps schools enable their teachers to provide online classes to their students. The platform was developed pre-civid. And, because of its strategy, it was able to tighten their operations, processes, and courses making it very easy to serve their markets amidst Covid.


Getting out of Conflict

It remains a tough time mentally, physically, and emotionally as the Philippines remains in lockdown for over 3 months and no vaccine in sight. On top of this, the political environment is in flux with the proposal of the anti-terror bill and the guilty verdict of Maria Ressa, a world reknowed journalist who has been critical of the Duterte administration. Complicate this with job loss and financial insecurity…every family is set to feel the stress and may take it out on each other. The Naikan psychology has suggested introspective questions that can heal that divide. When we start with gratitude and end with ownership and responsibility for actions, there is a way out. Half the battle is won

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