Focus on what is Important

The pandemic has taken a toll on our work life. We are inordinately worried about keeping our jobs. And so, we try to please the boss or focus on getting as much sales in so we can earn commissions.

Work this way and you will burnout. No boss is fully pleased with all our actions; we are not in control of our clients’ purse strings. Trying to control the uncontrollable will be like depending on other people’s whims for our happiness.

Instead of depending on things you cannot control for success and happiness, Look within. Develop your skills and strengths at work. That way, whatever happens, you will succeed.

Getting from ‘No’ to ‘Yes’

Many tense up in negotiations and feel that ‘it is not going my way’ when client thumbs down their offer. They don’t realize that the ‘thumbs down’ is the best way to get a more profitable exchange than they planned for. Why? because with a ‘no’, it opens the door for you to ask questions which then makes your offer more powerful than ever before.

Resource Speaker for PVPI on Wellness in the workplace

Mental Health Speaker for Wellness in the Workplace

My career has taken an unexpected turn …a happy happy turn of events. Because the pandemic has side-lined health in the workplace, companies are doing all they can to support their employees at these harrowing times. Wellness programs are in and its focus are no longer on company outings and Christmas parties. Instead, they direct their funds into meaningful activities which keep employees engaged on higher levels. Employee engagement and motivation is not about vacations, free lunches, and less work. Instead it is about job-matching, job crafting, and building collaboration across the organization.


Its a Wrap! Batch 8 of Ideaspace

Its amazing how these young guys had the grit to stick it though with their businesses despite the Pandemic. While big businesses close down, senior workers lose hope, designers and manufacturers with years of experience stockpile their unsold good and predict gloom —the young and the nimble slug it out and stay faithful to their dreams.

It was such an opportunity to coach these young founders 3 years in a row!


Art of Negotiation

Negotiations get stuck when there is a desire to put one over the other. The winner-takes-all mentality makes us do things which undermine honesty, integrity, and often lead to negativity, anger and hurt. And, when we engage hurt and violence, we become aggressive and selfish. The negative mindset then makes us vice-grip our position…stalemate happens. But, there is another way. There is a way to negotiate that builds relationships and friendships which then strengthens and binds businesses. And that is to seek ways to give the other what is essential or important to him whist considering what is important to ourselves as well. This method of negotiation requires trust, transparency, and justice as key values.


Creativity adds to Resilience

Cover-19 Challenge: Creativity is Key

Resilience can be cultivated by boosting creativity. We are creative when we turn imaginative ideas into reality, or when we find new ways and ingenious solutions to problems. Or when we see new connections and patterns between seemingly unrelated phenomena. Creativity is within each one of us and it is a resource we can use to solve problems in a fun and imaginative way. Boosting or waking up the creativity within is a valuable way to spend time. Start small: an art class using items like leaves, petals, images to create art. Express yourself in new ways —dance, sing, put on make- up and fun clothes, read poetry aloud. By stretching your creative spirit, you will be more able to deal with stressful situations.
Reflection Question:
How did you engage all that you are —the thinking, rationale, and structured you + your child within who just loves to play?
Reflection in Action:
Do a silly fun thing just for the pure enjoyment of life

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