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Many times, we think we will be happy when pandemic is over, or when you get that new job, or get a new car, or get to eat at that fancy restaurant. We think ” when life is perfect, then we will be happy.” Things don’t work that way. We cant wait for everything to fall into place before we become happy. Happiness is not an event. It is a state of mind. Live every emotion at every moment, trusting that in the bottom of even the darkest emotion like—– hate, contempt, anger—-lies love.

Focus on what is Important

The pandemic has taken a toll on our work life. We are inordinately worried about keeping our jobs. And so, we try to please the boss or focus on getting as much sales in so we can earn commissions.

Work this way and you will burnout. No boss is fully pleased with all our actions; we are not in control of our clients’ purse strings. Trying to control the uncontrollable will be like depending on other people’s whims for our happiness.

Instead of depending on things you cannot control for success and happiness, Look within. Develop your skills and strengths at work. That way, whatever happens, you will succeed.

Always move towards your best self

A personal brand is not built on a single day. It is moulded through years and years of choices and chances: the projects you take, the alignments you make, where you spend your time, and how you use your resources. Decide who you want to be and do the spade work to build towards that vision.

Looking for Happiness?

Meaningful causes make us come face to face with our life purpose. They bring us towards our higher selves, the God within us, which is to deeply connect with others and creation. Finding meaning in life comes from forging deep friendships, finding a cause to serve, making the world a better place than when you left it


Staying Strong During the Pandemic

Strengths are a shortcut to wellness

It is easy to stay strong when we focus on our strengths because doing so gives us an immediate lift. It is more fun to work with strengths and thus we keep longer at the task and reap rewards faster


Getting out of Conflict

It remains a tough time mentally, physically, and emotionally as the Philippines remains in lockdown for over 3 months and no vaccine in sight. On top of this, the political environment is in flux with the proposal of the anti-terror bill and the guilty verdict of Maria Ressa, a world reknowed journalist who has been critical of the Duterte administration. Complicate this with job loss and financial insecurity…every family is set to feel the stress and may take it out on each other. The Naikan psychology has suggested introspective questions that can heal that divide. When we start with gratitude and end with ownership and responsibility for actions, there is a way out. Half the battle is won


Stress in time of the Wuhan Virus

In this webinar, I talk about handling stress in the ‘new normal.’ The seafarers have such a challenge during this time because of the loss of a sizeable income plus the need to quarantine before and after each voyage. The stress to their families and spouses is monumental, causing significant relationship challenges. See the full video here.

Regular Resource for the Show: Woman UP

Meaning Making in time of Wuhan Virus

Gian Gallegos is the quintessential spirit of joie de vivre! Such an engaging spirit

It is over 40 days in quarantine and no solution is in sight. No vaccine, no mass testing, no economy, low trust for government, no plan, Chinese getting away with everything. And so, Start-ups like Gian’s —whose is in travel — do not see a bright future ahead after all the work that they have done through the years. And so, as I work with him, we venture to find reasons for his lack of joy. Over the hour, we shared many insights of what is important in life. And through the conversation we unearthed a nugget “Crisis is where I find my deepest self!” . You are a joy to be with Gian. More power to you because you make us strong


Focus on Your Strengths When in Crisis

Covid-19 Challenge: Focusing on your strengths makes you more resilient

Focus on your strengths

We all have strengths: things we are good at; have thinking strategies that have to help us rebound; have personal traits (such as optimism, hopefulness, creativity, perseverance). We can use our strengths to help us through tough life events. Leading with our strengths helps us balance out the negative events by surmounting challenges using our own thinking, healthy coping behaviors, attitudes.

Reflection Question:
What do you like most about yourself? How many times have you used it the past weeks? What holds you back from using it with more frequency?

Reflection in Action:
Live your day manifesting your favorite personal strength

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