Pedal to the Metal

“Going through the grind’ or ‘toiling the soil’ —- thats how many professionals talk about going to work.. That mindset just sets you up for a tough day — body feeling sluggish, head beginning to pound. Its what you say to yourself that will spur you on to perform to your peak. How about a reframe —‘ Work is fun because I can create it to be?” With that mindset, project can get done by combining the heavy weight tasks with fun stuff using resources you already have. If you want to write that business plan, combine the research, number crunching, and budgeting with talking to potential business partners over coffee, or reading / watching a fun Tedtalk on creative business programs. More fun, less work


Self-care is as critical a studying or shadowing to being a good mental health practitioner. Dragon roll sushi mid-day, mid week. Only a private practice has these perks. A good well balanced roll is the perfect bite. Happy day ahead

Work-life Balance

Mid-day, mid-week and am having some freshly made moron and suman at Quiapo church. It’s a cool morning and since Quiapo and Divisoria have cleaned up and the corona virus scare is abound, no one is around. I had just come from the daily mass and was feeling quite mellow. Everyone and everything seemed to slow down that day so I had time to watch the people as they streamed from the church. And, between the streams, I saw this beautiful sculpture of a beggar boy squat down center of the church. What must he think of his life? Does he beg thinking to fund his future? Does he still hope?

This morning, I was taking a break to get some balance in time for a rough week ahead. Is work-life balance even a concept a young beggar child has? Would it be defined as taking snippets of time to relax or is more coarse having time to pray for a miracle in between the begging hours?


Working with OFW Families: Seafarers Workshop

Arianne Blanche, Advocate for Seafarers Wellness under CF Sharp

Working with Arianne through the years has been very very fulfilling. Through her company, CF Sharp, we have been able to enrich many many lives of the OFW spouses left in manila as their spouses work overseas. It is challenging to work with families that have been torn apart by necessity to make ends meet. There is much guilt, jealousy, loneliness, and resentment built up through the separation. The spouses left in Manila take up dual roles of father & mother to the kids; must be able to handle family finances, and must be able to manage in-laws who often judge them. indeed they are our unsung heroes.


My Cohort: Coco

this little guy is Coco. my cohort. He works with me everyday, handling the most difficult cases with gentleness and compassion. He intuitively knows when to approach gently, when to be rambunctious , when to lay down and listen. He asks for nose rubs and cuddles when he senses that they need a little more gentleness. Animals have so much sensitivity and innate kindness that they are very helpful in the healing process.


Keeping up with Old Friends

In another life, I was a product assistant launching chicken nuggets when the McDonalds happy meals were just a new thing. today, I do work as an executive coach working on organisational development. And, in this life too, my old friend who was then a group manager is now the President and CEO of San Miguel Corporation.

Great Catching up with you, Butch Alejo

Old Friend Butch Alejo, CEO of San Miguel

Another Tail to my Name

Just a few days back, I successfully passed the Philippines’ Psychologist’s Licensure exam which took place on October 28 and 29 2019 at the Sampaloc area. It was a great exam. Thank you to all the mentors and review mates who made the journey memorable.

Suzanne Marie D. Roxas, MBM, MSc psychology, PCC, RPsy, PhD (cand)

The team of the newest batch of La Salle Clinical Psychologists

Meaning Making

Dani Girl…never lose your sense of fun

The weekend finds me resourcing for Carewell Foundation on a play about a spunky child afflicted with cancer whose wild and vivid imagination carry her through the ups and downs of being terminally ill. As she tries to stay strong for mom, her sheer will to live enthuses her to dream up imagined friends with whom she plays with for sprinkles of joy in the midst of sadness. There are many good lines, but my favourite of all is “not having a reason doesn’t make a thing worthless”. Sometimes we are caught up in being productive, showcasing our capability, maximising every opportunity …all the make life worthwhile. Would it then mean that being fallow, resting, sitting with a cup of coffee are endeavours with no worth because they do not have an endpoint? The show suggests that all of life…all of its experiences have value just because they are part of what makes life beautiful.

Catch the play Dani Girl, running on weekends till 8 September 2019



This is What Success Against the Odds Looks Like

Here is Baby Joy Nicolas Yap — a hero of a young girl who has turned life’s mishaps into a life purpose. It’s been five years since we first met. Now she’s taking the boards for social work. Seeing her reminds me that love, devotion, persistence, and desire are dominant forces that are life-changing.

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