Completing my First Class Under the PhD program

First class completed in the PhD program for Clinical Psychology with Dr. Caring Tarroja, still the reigning Psychologist of the year 2018. Interesting how different the deliverables of a Clinical Psychologist supervisor is very different from a work supervisor. The performance rating of a clinical psychologist supervisor is hinged squarely on the depth and authenticity of relationship between the supervisor and supervisee. The level of comfort that the supervisor and supervisee have towards realising, accepting, probing, and hurdling personal and cultural biases. Personal growth goes hand in hand with improvement of skills. If you have gained the skill but havent grown as a person, then the supervision has become a failure. Profound.

Increasing competencies through assessment feat

Increasing Competencies Through Assessment

Good therapy always starts with great data. Valid and Reliable tools such as personality measurements are essential in developing a good treatment plan. This year, I focused on deepening my understanding of the 16 personality factor tool which is essential in recommending career choices.

Completing my Training in Management of Personality Disorders feat

Expanding my Therapeutic Techniques with Dr. Alfonso, formost practitioner in New York for Treatment Borderline Personality Disorder

Adding in new tools to my kit, thus acquiring new techniques to help out my Clients with Borderline Personality Disorder. Dr Alfonso spoke of new techniques in the use of psychodynamic approach to the treatment of the disorder. One must first be able to isolate the average of the person where personality was most affected. By identifying that stage, one can create a treatment plan that addresses key issues affected in that face of life.

Expanding my Therapeutic Techniques with Dr. Alfonso, formost practitioner in New York for Treatment Borderline Personality Disorder feat

Completing my Training in Management of Personality Disorders

Thank you to you my old alma mater Philippine General Hospital, for a great skills upgrade in the treatment of Borderline Personality Disorder. It was good to catch up with old friends in the Industry, Dr. Toffee Sison and Dr. Constantine Della as we use a ubiquitous framework to get all necessary data and formulate a succinct and workable plan. With tools, a structure, and measurement scales, treatment is more focused and predictive of positive outcomes.

Resourcing for Cosmopolitan Philippines on Millennial lifestyles, the reasons behind their so-called erratic decisions feat

Resourcing for Cosmopolitan Philippines on Millennial lifestyles, The Reasons Behind Their So-Called Erratic Decisions

Many scratch their heads in disbelief over the decisions young adults make. Why did you resign out of that prestigious company to work in a mountain school? Why did you go for that guy without an education achievement as good as yours? why did you choose a partner from the other side of the tracks. When young adults make decisions seemingly in discord with their prior life direction, it could be a sign that they are individuating —-making decisions and starting out lives more in line with who they are. Read here my thoughts on it.


Updating Skills Through Training in Positive Psychology from Singapore School of Psychology

Clinicians need to keep updating their skills with a variety of interventions so that they are equipped with any type of client or situation that needs their guidance. In the use of positive psychology, there is no need to find out the reason for the current dysfunctional state of the client. More important is to identify the strengths and resources for the client to weather the current crisis.


Training on Resilience Through Mindfulness with Dr. Greg Lang of Singapore School of Positive Psychology

Mindfulness is often an under-rated and overlooked methodology for building resilience. Mindfulness requires us to be at the present moment — identifying our current resources: skills, people who can help, positive elements in the current situation, connection to character strengths.  Staying positive is key to surviving a tough situation intact.

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