Why are Female Friendships are Complicated feat

COSMO: Why are Female Friendships are Complicated

In this article for Cosmopolitan Philippines November issue, I comment on the intricacies of relationships between women.

Female friendships are challenging because they are built on layers upon layers of female issues: competition, discrimination, cultural restraints on what women can and cannot do; how women should behave. Lack of honesty complicates relationships amongst women — because of  cultural ideals on acceptable behavior, women tend to hide feelings of anger, frustration, irritation from women friends. As a result, so much of what must be said remains unsaid,unrecognised tension festers into passive-aggressive actions. Honesty is such an expensive commodity yet very necessary for authentic relationships. It may not be possible to become vulnerable in all relationships. However, choosing whom to trust and opening up to them of our feelings and sentiments makes us feel less alone and more connected with life.

(Suzy Roxas is a regular consultant  on women’s issues for Cosmopolitan Magazine )


Have You Called Home Lately?

Almost everyone has a smartphone, but a study shows that only a quarter use it to make calls. Yes, we are in touch much more today through various social media —written and visual communication. But, often, within these communication platforms, we edit out our lives and thoughts posting only what we want people to think about us or our lives. We choose our words, careful that it is polite, correct, and will make us look friendly, charming, like good people.

A phone call with people dear to us helps us connect in a deep and meaningful way —for a couple of minutes, they have our full attention; and we give ourselves and them an unedited exchange of thoughts, ideas, affection.


Working with Cosmopolitan Magazine for the June 2015 issue

Working with Cosmopolitan Magazine for the June 2015 issue, to provide insights on “Daddy and Daughter Relationships” — with Myrza Sison, Editorial Director for Cosmopolitan Magazine.

” It is never a single relationship or situation that will decide how you react to life. Instead, you react to challenges in your relationships depending on your personality, external and internal factors, religion, family, work, skills, abilities, wins in life, what you believe is your purpose, mission, and vision in life”

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