Thinking ‘We’ during pandemic situations

Day 3 of the ’21 day Resilience Challenge

Think ‘We’ instead of ‘I’ during pandemics and emergencies

In a case of looking at just your own survival (ie. ‘I will go our only if I know I do not have the virus’) will be counterproductive to the majority because whilst we may feel well, the most vulnerable —kids, infirmed, old) is at the risk of infection. When our thought is ‘we will survive’, we automatically seek solutions that protect the community because the loss of 1 is a loss to all

Reflection Question:
We have a moral obligation to avoid imposing risks on others. Within your own sphere of influence, how have you created a safe harbor at home (through acts of kindness and understanding for example) that will motivate your family members to stay home?

Reflection in Action:
What new action can you do today to serve at least 1 friend or neighbor?

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