We are still at Covid and its almost a year now

We started the lockdown on March 13, 2020 and its now January 13, 2021. While there are vaccines on the horizon, the implementation of the inoculation plan or the availability is till up in the air.

Given this, there are a few psychological insights that can help boost understanding. To this, psychologists have studied personality and its prediction to following lockdown rules. Those who are neurotic, conscientious, agreeable, and open are most inclined to follow the ‘stay-at-home protocols. Openness is the most astonishing finding because you would think their adventurous nature would make it difficult for them. The finding however is that people who score high in the openness personalty trait get news faster and see how devastating world-wide Covid is and so they tend to follow the rules.

Yes, personality can help predict such things as these.

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