Assisting OFW Workers with Loneliness & Job Stress

Guesting on “Buhay Marino” to assist OFW workers who experience loneliness and job stress when working abroad.

SCAP 2017: Receiving an Invitation to Present in Singapore Conference for Applied Psychology

Receiving a prestigious invitation to present in SCAP17, Singapore Conference on Applied Psychology.  I will be presenting  Psychological Well-being in Philippine Corporations. The findings in my study show a strong…

COSMO: Why are Female Friendships are Complicated

In this article for Cosmopolitan Philippines November issue, I comment on the intricacies of relationships between women. Female friendships are challenging because they are built on layers upon layers of…

COSMO: Powerful Women Bosses

Along the way of developing a evidence-based program for women in the workplace, get to read much research done on gender issues in the corporate space. Despite the years of…

Resourcing for Cosmopolitan PH on Women and Relationships

Relationships are meant to help us grow into better human beings. If they are a source of feeling bad about ourselves or are a cause of abuse, then we are…

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