How Do You Grow Embattled

In my work with Cancer patients, there are some good days and some totally blah days. The good days are when the circle is full of wit, insight, wisdom, and feeling of ‘can do’. The bad days are when some are stuck in a quagmire over feelings of nearing doom, staggering medical bills, and a the finality of death. Oftentimes, the tendency is to seek solace in own strength — just when we need kindred spirits with a little bit more objectivity to help us out. Oftentimes, we mistake emotions of stress, lack of energy or tension, to mean we are beaten or defeated by the disease. This is so wrong in many ways. Stress, fatigue, tension is a normal reactions to facing the unknown. They show up in exciting times —like getting married, joining a competition, going out on a blind date — as well as in trying times. When we converse with our emotions, we get a deeper sense of how we are thinking about a situation. If the emotion comes from thoughts of inadequacy, then find solutions to the problem. If it comes from uncertainty, they make peace with the journey life offers.


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