It is When I Began to Dream that my Life Began to Change

“When I was living without any goals and not facing my challenges, I had a comfortable life. But it was a joyless life —-yes, I had food, clothes, gifts handed to me  —-but I had not worked for these using my talents, capabilities. Well meaning people gave them to me thinking I would feel happy, loved, cared for. They did for a moment, but the happiness was short-lived. I did not develop my personhood, my talents…and when life threw me a curve ball, I felt incapable, unable to cope with the demands of life. I coped by avoiding responsibility, ducking out of life —-my life’s focus was on how to avoid problems.

After the program, I learned to be solution focused,  I choose to face my problems and strive for more in life. Unlike before, where money and the security it brings drove me, today it is my dreams and hopes that fuel my drive. My vision for the future is what makes me get up in the morning and go for life.

It was when I gave myself a chance to dream that my life began to change.” —– Djakira

Working with the youth to develop resiliency and self-efficacy in times of challenge has been a very rewarding part of my practice.  To watch them metamorphose into capable, honourable leaders of their own lives is why I came to do therapy work. To witness first-hand the indomitable human spirit is worth waking up for and lacing up those work shoes even on a stormy day.

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