What Does Resilience Look Like?

As my practice continues to grow, I find life’s questions being answered an experience at a time. This hodge-podge  of momentos are the answer to the question, “what does resilience look like?” the bottled strawberry jam is from women who are creating new lives by finally getting that college degree; the golden toy horse came from a mother who reconciled with her family; the owl case is a project from my cancer survivors group; the roses from a cancer survivor who learned how to forgive before she passed away; the antique lamp is from a lady who sold things she loved to put food on the table, and the oil lamp is from mom and dad who have weathered 50 years of marriage and still hold hands.

I am thankful for all those who have enriched my life and taught me to look forward despite things seemingly falling all around; Those who have taught me that life does not stop when things don’t go my way; that there is beauty and wellness and joy even when it is impossible to see; that there is always happiness to give even when things are rough.

As I move forward in my career, I bring with me the power, grace, kindness, generosity of those who have shared their life with me. May their resilient spirit together with our own continue to propel the world and override defeatist thoughts.

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