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We often scream out a storm of frustration when things don’t go our way. Whist there are many reasons and forces that make a situation the way it is, we need to see how we helped create that situation too. Working in your mind how you got there will give insight to what changes you can make to get out of the situation: a change in behavior? maybe a new way of thinking? or developing all sorts of new resources. Either way, there is always something you can do about a situation to make it more tenable than it currently is.

Family as a Team

The pandemic continues to rage without an end in sight. Families are feeling the stress and take out the stress and frustration on each other. Here are some proactive ideas on how to work together as a team.

Be Who You Are

Many are scared to show their talents, skills, or to stand out unique as they are. They fear judgement, ridicule, labels, being discriminated upon, or thought of as ‘strange’. My client was on the heavy side, a genius, loved to dance, and was gay. He was so scared that he tried everything he could ..following well-meaning advise ‘not to stand out’ or ‘just lay low and blend’. He slopped into anxiety, lost friends, became vigilant, and closed off himself. After months of work, he designs a poster, thankful that he can now herald and be proud of all that he is. Effective coaching engagements free people to be their best selves —acknowledge who they are, live authentically, live never ever again to cower in the dark.

Work by Client “jay”

Medhyve Founder: I am my business’s best asset

The best resource of your career/ business/ family is YOU. Invest in your well-being to make it through these trying times: Identify your “why’ –the gut reason why you take the trouble of going to work; remain engaged by working with proactive people who want to succeed and are willing to do the work it takes to be successful; become resilient by placing yourself in environments that are supportive, demand the best from your, and willing to invest in you; be part of a community that celebrates its people with gestures of kindness, gratitude, and forgiveness.Don’t just wait for the vaccine or others to help you out. Make your own route towards well-being. You can be happy, healthy, and well NOW

Getting from ‘No’ to ‘Yes’

Many tense up in negotiations and feel that ‘it is not going my way’ when client thumbs down their offer. They don’t realize that the ‘thumbs down’ is the best way to get a more profitable exchange than they planned for. Why? because with a ‘no’, it opens the door for you to ask questions which then makes your offer more powerful than ever before.

Narrative Training

Keeping up the pace and learning still more new interventions makes me more resourced to work the toughest cases. Incest and abuse cases are often inter-generational patterns of abuse that are kept hidden by family members who are shrouded in shame. The family secret though always is played out — a black sheep; no chide not to speak of a certain uncle. The narrative approach helps most with such cases because with story telling, you get to see the family DNA. Here is our Psychobiographic Narrative Class Led by Fredrick Boholst

Coaching Start-up CEOs

Delaying to make that decision because you fear you do not have all the facts yet? CEO of the Start-up @Workey, @Jake Go talk about that!

Coaching MedHyve Founder

MedHyve founder, @Gabriel Lopez has been in the news lately as a successful start-up. Gabriel and I have worked closely on leadership challenges and how to remain relevant in a competitive market. Gabe Lopez shares how he made Medhyve into a business partner for hospitals.A coaching engagement can identify strengths and a competitive edge that will make your business dominate the market space.0People Reached0EngagementsBoost PostLikeCommentShare

MedHyve Founder Gabriel Lopez after winning an award for his start-up


That’s the Rorschach class late Thursday evening group coding a protocol as part of the learning process. here we are trying to code “dead bugs” on a rainy night. My hair has turned grey in the hairline, my Roxas scowl has deepened and these blots have just revealed a peep of their magic. This is the level of dedicated work us psychologists put into our therapy plans. Here’s To us psychologists who think talking about dead bugs makes for such an entertaining and engaging conversation on a rainy cozy Thursday night

Its Never Price. Its lack of Value

Imagine this are excited about your service, you can’t think of a better package for your customers —the price seems right, it has the perfect bells and whistles, you added riders to make it even more interesting, And it can be customized to suit the unique needs of the customer. Off you go and offer it to the select few whom you believe will snap it up in a second. You dressed up, brought your A game, picked the right place to meet. And, after a few moments of showing off your new product…the client says “sorry, not interested”. Dejected, down and out, lost your stride, you are thinking to quit. Right way to go? WRONG!

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