Medhyve Founder: I am my business’s best asset

The best resource of your career/ business/ family is YOU. Invest in your well-being to make it through these trying times: Identify your “why’ –the gut reason why you take the trouble of going to work; remain engaged by working with proactive people who want to succeed and are willing to do the work it takes to be successful; become resilient by placing yourself in environments that are supportive, demand the best from your, and willing to invest in you; be part of a community that celebrates its people with gestures of kindness, gratitude, and forgiveness.Don’t just wait for the vaccine or others to help you out. Make your own route towards well-being. You can be happy, healthy, and well NOW

Coaching Start-up CEOs

Delaying to make that decision because you fear you do not have all the facts yet? CEO of the Start-up @Workey, @Jake Go talk about that!

Coaching MedHyve Founder

MedHyve founder, @Gabriel Lopez has been in the news lately as a successful start-up. Gabriel and I have worked closely on leadership challenges and how to remain relevant in a competitive market. Gabe Lopez shares how he made Medhyve into a business partner for hospitals.A coaching engagement can identify strengths and a competitive edge that will make your business dominate the market space.0People Reached0EngagementsBoost PostLikeCommentShare

MedHyve Founder Gabriel Lopez after winning an award for his start-up

Getting Along Works

Good relationships matter

At this time of tight markets, team togetherness is extremely important. Its important to the team’s health that each one knows that they have their backs covered, that they have a friend looking out for their intentions. Take time as a team to catch up, trade stories, just be together. Build trust as a business initiative.


Testimonial: Experience Philippines’ Gian Gallegos

Finding your strength in all situations

Gian Gallegos is a winner of the prestigious Ideaspace annual contest for start-up. Gian, who has been diagnosed with ADHD, had been challenged in many business opportunities as ‘nothing could hold his interest and attention easily.’ When Covid closed down the Philippines, he worried for his travel intensive business, wondering how he or his business could survive the downturn. His insight from our work together is as above.


Testimonial: Start-up founder IOL

Want to bullet proof your business ?

Baguio-based Start-up entrepreneur, Kevin Gayao is the CEO and owner of ILO — Institute of Learning. It is an online platform that helps schools enable their teachers to provide online classes to their students. The platform was developed pre-civid. And, because of its strategy, it was able to tighten their operations, processes, and courses making it very easy to serve their markets amidst Covid.


Testimonial for multi-awarded start-up Ecfulfill

Working with Neptune Factor on personal growth issues has allowed his creative side to emerge. Fearful and shy, he prior to coaching, he was unable to unleash creativity because of his fear of standing out. Today, his online start-up helps showcase filipino products to the international market. Without Neptune stepping out of his own fear, where would many of our Filipino small businesses be?

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