Increasing Competence in Mental Health

Am rounding off my PhD work with a few more competencies in research and statistics. this one was to practice newly acquired knowledge for a statistical procedure Confirmatory Factor Analysis. What I learned most in doing the work was the importance of developing diagnostic tools for use in mental health clinics that do not have much resources. By asking the right questions you get to help a client understand his health issues and work out a plan that leads to well-being

Never remain the same

Imagine if you insisted to do business the same way as you did before the pandemic came around…by now your business would have died or is in the verge of collapse. Never stay the same. Be flexible, ready to embrace new ways of doing things, ready to learn. Isn’t the dinosaur, the most powerful terrifying beast extinct now…are companies such as Nokia dn Kodak no longer in the market?

Success through Tenacity

Thank you Robinson’s group of companies

Many people give excuses for lack of success: they aren’t smart enough; they didn’t have the connections; they were up against popular, good looking people; they didn’t get any breaks. These are all rationalizations using the victim mindset. It isn’t only talent, ability to learn fast, or IQ that predicts success. Its doing the work day in and day out, and challenging oneself to improve daily that makes for success. Focus on an important goal, create steps to reach the goal, be willing to do the work, focus on your improvement through the process.

Bag of Many Tricks

This now completes my teaching semester for Industrial Psychology. I love that i get to teach courses that allows my students to do projects for companies therefore enabling them to put theory to action. Training psychologists, researching, a private practice for psychotherapy. My job never the same 2 days in a row

Recovery from Trauma

Many people believe that it takes only grit, resilience to make it through trauma. Actually, proper coping behaviors, good friends, and having meaning for living are stronger resources to make it through.

Often, my posts are on work and how to improve performance. However, the topics I love most are those that explain the within power of human beings to escape dark times and succeed. Grit and resilience is there …but it is a very small part of recovery. Belief in self-capacity, finding strengths within —thats what makes a victim more than a survivor. It makes them winners.Hat is still in the game for that PhD

Guesting At Robinson’s

The webinar continues into the new Normal. Quite an apt topic after the election season. We all know the right thing to do but its what’s at stake that makes it difficult —power, prestige, environment, money, fitting in —these are what we face losing when we taken the high road

It was great to work with DOST folks in the middle of the pandemic. Engaging them in a workshop that develops their capacity to work well together will be important in many years to come

Joy in the Workplace

Many people think ‘oooh work, how mundanely boring’. whist your friends might feel they are stuck in a rut, you don’t have to feel that way. In fact, you can enjoy work by finding what is meaningful, doing tasks that you enjoy, and pacing your work throughout the day. Ask me for more tips on how to do this

Thank you DOST for a great afternoon

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