Ethical Research Training

Dr. Caring Tarroja giving a lecture on Ethics in Research, DLSU

Updating skills is a necessary part of being a competent practitioner. Specially with the new ruling of the PAP, Philippine psychologists must be well aware of the ethical principles so that clients can be sure of quality service. Here we are training under the National Scientist Awardee Dr. Caring Tarroja.

For me, the most important learning is the importance of avoiding duality in relationships, specially in the field of research. It ensures that information gathered is more objective and therefore the study more reliable and the results more valid.


Continuing Education

Getting the accreditation to do ethical research increases the variety of services I can offer to corporations and Non-government organisations. It allows me to offer comprehensive solutions as well as keeps me abreast on the newest discoveries in this field go science

Burnout: the new challenge for the millennial workforce

Just a few months back, i guested on an online show for millennial executives. The discussion was on management of stress in the workplace. Because of the unusual work hours , constantly changing work situations, high cost of living, the young executives find it challenging to keep up with work demands. Because they fear humiliation, they keep the stress to themselves try to forget the pressures by drinking, partying, expensive lifestyles that they cannot afford.
This does not have to be. there are many positive ways to manage stress —managing emotions, thoughts, and feeling is an effective way. Through a framework meant to challenge thoughts, a more realistic view of the situation and a more proactive action plan can be developed.


Coaching Programs for IT Leaders

Follow these tips to remain agentic in difficult situations

the way of business has changed since I began working in 1989. The young executives set up businesses on their own and become the decision-makers for multimillion businesses overnight.

And, I am lucky to get the opportunity to work with them! As they put their services online, they continually pivot and work towards improvement making their products and offerings more competitive worldwide. Because online businesses have a high mortality rate and because competition is cut-throat, these young professionals need support to remain at the top of their game. And, that is what I provide: tools and tips to keep them confident and resilient for the long haul.


Completing my First Class Under the PhD program

First class completed in the PhD program for Clinical Psychology with Dr. Caring Tarroja, still the reigning Psychologist of the year 2018. Interesting how different the deliverables of a Clinical Psychologist supervisor is very different from a work supervisor. The performance rating of a clinical psychologist supervisor is hinged squarely on the depth and authenticity of relationship between the supervisor and supervisee. The level of comfort that the supervisor and supervisee have towards realising, accepting, probing, and hurdling personal and cultural biases. Personal growth goes hand in hand with improvement of skills. If you have gained the skill but havent grown as a person, then the supervision has become a failure. Profound.

helen clark

Meeting with Helen Clark

It was a great opportunity to interact with Helen Clark, the Former Prime Minister of New Zealand, who is also the longest serving Prime Minister. Her thoughts on women in the workplace were spot on. It will take over 200 years before women will have the same opportunities as men have in the workplace. Women cannot be expected to have the red carpet rolled out for them. They have to work the steps, try to get in front of the line and may their way to the boardroom in a assertive way, bringing with them knowledge of the company strategy and business.


Meeting with Woman Leader Leni Robredo

It was great to have an audience with Leni Robredo, Vice President of the Philippines Extraordinaire! To walk in her shoes and continue to dream and fight for the Philippines despite the put-downs, unfair games, and being sidelined by Rodrigo Duterte. My learning from that meeting was that much work is being done —much fighting for the Filipinos is being done by her team despite the lack of hype and attention to her projects.  Through her strength and courage, she models for us what is good in the Filipino. Her ideas on upliftment of the poor through grassroots financing and livelihood programs are a feat most especially since the barangay heads are very fearful of supporting her.

She feels alone in her fight for all of us. For the people and with the people –a true public servant.

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