helen clark

Meeting with Helen Clark

It was a great opportunity to interact with Helen Clark, the Former Prime Minister of New Zealand, who is also the longest serving Prime Minister. Her thoughts on women in the workplace were spot on. It will take over 200 years before women will have the same opportunities as men have in the workplace. Women cannot be expected to have the red carpet rolled out for them. They have to work the steps, try to get in front of the line and may their way to the boardroom in a assertive way, bringing with them knowledge of the company strategy and business.


Meeting with Woman Leader Leni Robredo

It was great to have an audience with Leni Robredo, Vice President of the Philippines Extraordinaire! To walk in her shoes and continue to dream and fight for the Philippines despite the put-downs, unfair games, and being sidelined by Rodrigo Duterte. My learning from that meeting was that much work is being done —much fighting for the Filipinos is being done by her team despite the lack of hype and attention to her projects.  Through her strength and courage, she models for us what is good in the Filipino. Her ideas on upliftment of the poor through grassroots financing and livelihood programs are a feat most especially since the barangay heads are very fearful of supporting her.

She feels alone in her fight for all of us. For the people and with the people –a true public servant.

Powerful Women at Work

susan dimacaliHere I am with Susan Dimacali, the head of a foremost advertising company attending a Women’s Summit in Manila on creating strong women leaders. Leadership is not about gender. It is about acumen, skills, and gravitas. Women can create and then lead great organisations because they have the skills. Research has proven that with a good gender mix in the workplace, company productivity and performance increase significantly. Women have different insights from men. They lead and strategise differently. They make decisions differently. Having women leaders creates a new synergy among management teams.

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