Trauma & Abuse Management

Dealing with a traumatic event is difficult, because we often fault ourselves. Self-blame keeps us from healing and as a result, we find ourselves lost and unable to function effectively in our lives.

The feeling from the past is very overwhelming that it makes a trauma or abuse victim become fearful of any personal relationship. And because everyone processes trauma and abuse differently, it becomes difficult to find the correct solution.

Learning how to deal with trauma and abuse effectively can be taught. But it starts with the acknowledgment that you need help to process trauma effectively. When this is achieved, hope becomes imminent, you begin to heal and once more, you can feel safe again.

Dealing with Trauma

The feeling of the traumatic event is still felt regardless of how long ago the event took place. It is here that the events of the trauma are revisited and we begin to understand how you feel safe again.

It is at this stage that you learn to find strength and begin to gain confidence in yourself. The realization that you have finally learned to live and survive the trauma intact helps you become capable of controlling life once more. Here, the future becomes brighter and the potential for growth becomes possible.

The final stage is where you truly feel satisfied with yourself. You begin to value Life and eventually make every experience enjoyable. The determination to seek what more Life has to offer is realized and finally, you begin to be independent of the trauma.

Trauma Counselling

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