Welcome to my private practice!

I consult, treat, and educate people who experienced trauma from physical or sexual abuse, rape or even incest.

I specialize in Cognitive Therapy. Cognitive Therapy is a technique oriented towards problem-solving, here we analyze present thinking and behaviour to help you deal with day to day situations effectively.

Cognitive Therapy motivates positive change by challenging negative thoughts with new ways of thinking. This inspires positive changes in your life which then create feelings of accomplishment, joy, and well-being. This approach has been successful in my work with women who rebuild their lives after years of abuse.

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With my years of experience, you can expect excellence.

Excellence is not only the value of my practice, but it is my personal assurance to you. It is backed by years of service dealing with treatment-resistant trauma cases that will ensure a holistic perspective to any issue that arises.

A holistic program requires different types of assessment, intervention, and involves people who are important to you.

Because each person and problem is unique, the programs have to be customized to suit you - from the tools, activities, and action plans. All components must fit into a framework of change that we will develop together.

        Every customized program has 3 main phases:

1. Initial Phase

a. We understand the problem. 
b. Select assessment tools.
c. Identify and decide on goals and key areas of change.

2. Progressive Phase

This is the program proper coupled with periodic tracking and constant evaluation of goals. Throughout the journey, action plans and support from loved ones are introduced to ensure that you focus and stick to improving and not backsliding. Working closely and following your healing journey is how I build rapport and a trusted alliance with you.

3. Summation Phase

Here we review your improvement based on the agreed-upon goals.

Empathy allows me to excel in this field. The tenderness and connection I feel allow me to understand you on a deeper, more personal level. And by accepting you as you are with no judgement, I am able to better provide guidance in finding solutions to life’s challenges.

I have had many happy and fulfilled clients because they have achieved long-lasting results. This includes their shifts in perspective, their gains in developing skills to handle relationships, and their new skills in handling themselves after the trauma.

It helped them leave the past behind and become stronger by coming to accept, forgive, and recover from the experience.

And these are the reasons why I would like to create a life-changing program for you.