Professional Development

Everyone wants to achieve greatness. The passion to pursue excellence is the fuel that allows one to soar above mediocrity. However, the persistent drive to achieve your goals is often underappreciated because practicality is given more priority over personal happiness.

Not enough credit is given to the importance of seeking your passions and playing to your strengths when in fact, your effectiveness in life increases by tenfold by doing so.

There are four types of programs that focus on Professional development. Each of these programs shall be further personalized based on your needs and teach you to pursue excellence and soar above mediocrity.

Women no longer play traditional gender roles in society. Today, more women are empowered by occupying executive roles in the Philippine corporate scene. The challenge, however, is to believe that leadership goes beyond one’s gender and that they can effectively lead at the highest levels and still stay feminine.

If you are vying for an executive position but have difficulty in establishing the most suited work and leadership style for you, this program is designed for you.

We shall take a look at your own leadership style and how you communicate with others. The program is a mix of executive coaching and psychology, and is designed to awaken the awareness of women to their unconscious manners, ways of thinking and attitudes/ behaviors that hinder their climb to senior leadership positions. Program includes:

1. Growing up in the ghost of Maria Clara
2. Asian Gender issues: the male privilege situation
3. Leading outside the lines: Creating your own leadership style
4. Being comfortable in command
5. Believe that you have the right to lead
6. Taking command, one meeting at a time

We’ve often been told about the value of “hard work”, but people fail to see the difference between “working hard” and “working smart”.

Working smart is about efficiency, it avoids the waste of talent and expertise by learning to use the system to your advantage. This allows one to stand out and eventually get oneself that well-deserved acknowledgement from Top Management.

This program aims to teach you about the following:

1. Filipino Values that shape the way we work
2. Capitalizing on our vales to succeed
3. Creating your career path
4. Forwarding your career to the next level
5. Preparing for Tomorrow's meeting

We’ve often fantasized about the desire to wake up one morning and start working on a job we actually love.

This program aims to guide you towards identifying your “life career” by understanding what it is that makes you truly happy and fulfilled.

We begin by reflecting on your personal values, which serves as the cornerstone of everything you do. Guided reflections of past experiences aid in identifying the passion and excitement that helps motivate you. Resume writing, networking guides, and your personal vision and mission statement are key parts of your Career Happiness.

The ability to overcome stressful and problematic situations together is what defines a team.

This program is designed to walk you through understanding team dynamics, your qualities as a leader, and learning how to work through mindsets that could hamper teams from moving forward.

Within the duration of this program, you will be coached through a specific work project of your choice that will eventually allow you to become an integral member of the team.


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