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My strategies and framework
have been proven effective
several times over
across various cultures.

The methods I use have been tried and tested worldwide, across varying institutions, cultures and situations. Cognitive Therapy is one of the methods I specialize in. It focuses on present thinking, behaviors, and communication and is oriented towards problem solving, helping you have a more fulfilling and fruitful life.

The process of achieving greater goals – such as gunning for the executive positions at work, or shifting careers to chase your passion - may appear daunting at first. But if you continuously develop a wider perspective of yourself, you will switch off self-defeating thoughts that make you believe that you cannot achieve them. Thus, letting you gain the ability to control and command your future.

Self-examination helps us uncomplicate issues because it gives us a deeper understanding of what is holding us back. In order to do this, you must start with a thorough understanding of your strengths, weaknesses, and thoughts. Self-examination coupled with a rich arsenal of tools to master your gameplan will help you create a clear vision of your goals.

By assisting you towards becoming a better version of yourself and by taking this journey with me, I can help you finally realize your full potential.

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Trauma & Abuse

Learning to love yourself again makes
you stronger.


Learning to listen and trust oneself, allows one
to seize life fruitfully.


Be at the TOP of your game when
the pressure is up.