Personal Development

Every person should be encouraged to move towards progress. However, not everyone can easily snap out of self-inflicted misery, which is why external help is needed to ensure that energy and thoughts are dedicated to more positive actions.

My goal is to help you look within to find your personal happiness and fulfillment.

There are four types of programs that focus on Personal development. Each of these programs shall be further personalized based on your needs and teach you how to seize life fruitfully.

Do you feel like you’ve lost yourself? Are you a stranger in your own life? Do you feel the need to constantly fulfill other people’s dreams except your own? Are you living the life that someone else decided for you? Do you always feel empty?

These are questions related to self-esteem and without it, you are left without dreams and life purpose.

The I Love Me program invites you to rediscover yourself again and rebuild your self-esteem by:

• Taking responsibility: Going for what we want in life.
• Being Assertive: Giving voice to what we feel, think and value
• Maintaining Integrity: Remaining true to what we believe in
• Living Consciously: Becoming aware of our thoughts and actions each day.

When we fail, the easiest thing to do is to blame everything around us: the people, the situation, the time of day, and even the government. We are trapped in our own stories - our own version of what’s “true” - not wanting to challenge ourselves and not wanting to ask ourselves the painful questions

When we choose to live locked in only our own beliefs, it costs us the high price of personal growth. We hinder the development of our skills and miss out on opportunities for success.

To escape from this situation, I can help you with the Power Within program.

Our lives are never written in stone. Our paths never rigid. Our destiny and birthright is a wonderful, magical life. Our greatest gift is that we have been given the freedom, talents, and skills to author the life that we desire.

We shall revisit the past, reflect on thoughts, and evaluate beliefs – all these are attributes that our behavior emanates from. When we understand our reason and motivation, it allows us to redirect our lives and to recommit in choosing our own path.

We shall start by:

1. Owning your life’s story
2. Finding our secret drivers and learning how to harness their power
3. Befriending all of ourselves and finding our gifts
4. Integrating all your life experiences, and mining all positive strengths and attributes from both challenging and positive experiences
5. Ensuring continuous change by learning to dialogue with ourselves in a more positive way​

When emotional and physical abuse robs us of our power, we feel helpless, incapable, and weak. We can regain our strength by remembering that the event does not define us. We merely need to remember our strengths as they remain within us

These objects undoubtedly provide its owner the feeling of security and a sense of power. The object itself has no power of its own, but its true potency lies in what its owner prescribes it to be. Just like these talismans and “agimat”, our inner strength is something that has always been there all along: we simply need to remember that they are there.

In truth, our inner strength can never be taken away from us. We simply need to remember that it’s there. My goal is to show you your inner strength by giving it names, like - compassion, wisdom, perseverance, gentleness, gift of communication, gift to compete, gift of adaptability, gift of positivity – so you can learn to fly again.

The Resiliency Program reminds us how great, powerful and indestructible the human spirit is.

Program goals are the following:

• Identification of your personal strengths
• Inspiring ideas for action to improve that personal strength
• Awakening the sensitivity to identify that strength in the other people

As we move through the seasons of our life, we come across divergent paths that seemingly lead us to unknown roads. Which one do we take? How do we know which one will lead us to the life we’ve always dreamed of? We ponder which avenue to take. We look at the pros and cons of the differing choices while trying to make approximations of our decision’s outcome.

We get lost in the questions and forget to consult our internal drivers that unconsciously seek out our highest good.

The Rhythm of Life program reminds us of our life story, so that we are able to get the clues we need to go where we need to go. The program evaluates the peaks and valleys of our life, the desires of our hearts, and even our unresolved past to help you decide and continue to write your own story while being fully aware of your strengths, weakness, aspirations, and purpose.

1. My life’s story today
2. Making sense of the past
3. Accepting my strengths and limitations
4. Forging a new path for myself
5. Living fully alive

I Love Me

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