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When people get help, it becomes easier for them to reach their personal best and change for the better.

Seeing this positive change is why I love working with people, with you.

My extensive corporate and academe experience gave me grassroots understanding on how theory can be applied to real life, and with this, I am able to infuse the wisdom of academe science into customized programs that meet your needs. My programs consider facets of people’s personality, such as one’s life story, motivations, goals, traits, temperaments, and intelligence.

Being involved in NGOs like Carewell, A.C.A.Y., and IdeaSpace allowed me to work and train in a variety of cultures. This gave me the ability to look at problems from different angles, even integrate new and fresh techniques to my programs.

My exposure to various people gives a profound sense of compassion, empathy and a deep understanding of pain. Enabling me to walk and stay with you as your companion without judgment and to help you find the way out of the issue.

With my knowledge of Behavior, I am able to guide you in reaching your goals by solving your problems, tracking your emotional growth, but more importantly, shedding light especially in your darkest days. This strategy has successfully delivered tangible and measurable results.

And with this, I am proud to say that my life’s best work is reflected on all the people I’ve helped.

My Guiding Principles

Spirit Encouragement is the key to inspiring the person to move towards progress.

Passion To be internally motivated, the person must find personal happiness and fulfillment.

Trust Learning to trust yourself and being honest about your true desires teaches you to seize life fruitfully.


To shine a light at the darkest point of someone’s life and show them that there is hope

To tell them that at any point in their life, they can change it into something that they can be proud of and will be happy with.

Like a “learning friend”, I aim not only to help my clients but to guide and journey with them towards finding real and concrete solutions to their problems.

I believe in the innate potential, value, and unique capabilities of every individual. And solving the problems that limit their success begins by creating awareness and empowering them with the choice to move forward.

Through skills that I have acquired and years of interdisciplinary experience, I design programs that deal closely with problems of varying frameworks: personal, business, pastoral coaching, or life coaching.


To see my clients live a life of happiness and harmony within themselves and with the world around them.

Problems create negative reactions and behaviours which create toxic environments. Approaching problems with a deficit mindset creates defensiveness, feelings of inadequacy and therefore maladaptive behaviour.

Through coaching, there are realizations of proactive and agentic solutions to problems. When people challenge negative mindsets about themselves, the other, and the situation, they can develop more helpful solutions that increase well-being.

The process begins by pausing and helping you understand that your world-view is not the only correct nor is it an objective view of the situation. Instead, they are the mere interpretations of our anger, frustration, and fear. By realising that all is interpretation, there gains a power to recast and change the situation. Once we move to a more positive stance, more proactive solutions are possible.


My expertise in transformational work is a result of relentless passion and hard work. Constant learning allows me to bring the best solutions for my clients and pushes me to continuously achieve professional degrees from world-class faculties and educational institutions.


DE LA SALLE UNIVERSITY Manila, Philippines

College of Liberal Arts Ph.D. (candidate) in Clinical Psychology (2018)


CBT for Depression and Anxiety (2018)

The School of Positive Psychology, Singapore

Additional Learning: Positive Psychology (2018)

Chulalongkorn University Bangkok, Thailand

Scholarship Awardee for Psychological Research, Clinical Psychology (2015)

University of the Philippines Manila, Philippines

Philippine General Hospital, Practicum for Clinical Psychology (2016)

DE LA SALLE UNIVERSITY Manila, Philippines

College of Liberal Arts MSc in Clinical Psychology (2013-2018)

Center for Family Ministries, Ateneo de Manila University Manila, Philippines

Professional Diploma in Pastoral Counseling (2012-2013)

Azusa Pacific University Los Angeles, California, USA

Special Training Trauma Informed Intervention for Treatment of Sex Abuse, Children, Teens, Adults (2014)

De la Salle-College of St. Benilde Manila, Philippines

Professional Diploma in Organizational Development (2006 -2007)

Asian Institute of Management Manila, Philippines

Masters in Business Management (1996)

Ateneo De Manila University Manila, Philippines

Interdisciplinary Studies (1989)


I gained specialized training in Organizational Development and my experience in dealing with people in the corporate world allows me to relate more with professional growth and career path. It also provided me with good knowledge in management and leadership


2013- 2014

Marketing Head Non-Life product lines


Senior Associate Project Management & Global Project Management office


Group Head Walter Sklewer Migrations, Database and Content


Division Head Broadband, for Small & Medium Enterprises


Product Lead & Marketing Communications Broadband and data services

Operations Head Tokyo Fashion Boutique, Nationwide Operations

What Our Friends Say About Suzy

Suzy's Continuous Professional Development

People are People

Yesterday it was working with intellectually talented people whose aim was to create better versions of themselves. Today, I worked with OFW families who seek for the happiness of their children. No matter the topic, tools, framework I use, it all boils down to the same thing. People who want to love the best they can and will do anything—- stretch beyond themselves into the discomfort Zone to reach out and to love. Love, respect for the other and commitment—- those are the pillars that hold us up, make life worth living

You don’t need lots and lots of support. A couple of strong pillars do the job just fine

Champion’s Mindset

At the highest level of sports, mind conditioning is crucial to success. The best athletes always seem to get it right: despite the maddening crown of detractors, the heart racing and shortness of breath at tie-breakers, despite the pressure to deliver the winning point. They don’t seem to flake out, lose their cool, or melt out. Sports psychology played a huge part in their preparation for their event. Even when things go badly or the play is not in their favour, in the midst of devastating errors, ferocious competition, the greats have stood up time and time again with no sign of loss of confidence and win again and again and again. it is as if they are able to constantly pick up the pieces effortlessly. What makes them able to do so? How can psychology help overcome a devastating mistake and prepare for the win? By training athletes specific mind conditioning techniques: Imagery & modelling: managing state to remain in the moment; teaching them to depend on their mastery of the sport.

The champion mindset is about finding ways to deal with all the mind games that comes with stress and anxiety of thinking …”what is to come?’ and “what is to be”. And then replacing this by being focused in the MOMENT.

Supporting the OFW in time of Crisis

Many of the seafarers fear for their families given the corona virus crisis. They worry about their ability to provide, the health of their families, being away from their loved ones at this crucial time.

This effort gives them some tips on how to stay positive and able in these trying times.

Woman Up Episode 1: In Time of Quarantine

Today, we launch our new segment. A show called "Woman Up" for our women in the maritime industry; And due to the Coronavirus pandemic, we decided to do it virtual style! At least for now!Join our lovely crew LIVE!

Posted by Tinig ng Marino Digi TV on Wednesday, 18 March 2020
Episode 1: Tinig Marino. A digits support for the OFWs

Success Playbook

All these books on strategies can be condensed into 5 points: 1) you don’t know everything so be open to new ideas; 2) start with a resourced state: you will never have everything, so make the best with what you have; 3) work hard. There is simply no substitute to putting in the hours; 4) stay positive and keep everyone else around you positive even when things don’t seem to go your way; 5) take care of your relationships. They are really who this is all for and who matter, making every sacrifice worthwhile

Staying ahead of the Game

Be motivated by enjoying what you do and not to try please someone

Many executives come knocking to ask ‘how do I keep up with the pressure of work? ‘ The answer is simple…keep on working until you are satisfied with your output and forget trying to please someone’s opinion of your work. By focusing your best effort forward, it is easier to listen to your own voice of ‘what makes sense’ and not get anxious second guessing ‘what the boss would do’. Believe in your thoughts and ideas, create work based on your experience, skills, and knowledge. From this position of competence, create with the sense of knowing that whatever you produce is worthy and good enough. When you focus on improving skills, and are motivated by acknowledging improvement, work becomes energising and exhilarating .

Pedal to the Metal

“Going through the grind’ or ‘toiling the soil’ —- thats how many professionals talk about going to work.. That mindset just sets you up for a tough day — body feeling sluggish, head beginning to pound. Its what you say to yourself that will spur you on to perform to your peak. How about a reframe —‘ Work is fun because I can create it to be?” With that mindset, project can get done by combining the heavy weight tasks with fun stuff using resources you already have. If you want to write that business plan, combine the research, number crunching, and budgeting with talking to potential business partners over coffee, or reading / watching a fun Tedtalk on creative business programs. More fun, less work

Women and Depression

Studies worldwide indicate that women are at the greatest risk of developing depressive disorders in their 40s. The vulnerable state, hormonal fluctuations, role-stress, victimization, sex specific socialization, internalized coping style and disadvantaged social status have been documented to increased vulnerability.

Whist the disorder is prevalent, spotting the symptoms are extremely challenging. Women manifest depression by talking about heightened emotions –they verbalize readily emotional distress, sharing about their guilt and shame; they try make themselves invisible so that people will ignore them.

Women with depression tend to conceal the condition because of shame, stigma, fear. Listening attentively to our women friends and noticing changes in their behaviors will help us catch depression at its earlier stages.

Never stop re-creating yourself

from therapy rabbit to table top ornament! Yep Coco, indeed we need to constantly reinvent ourselves to remain relevant.

Winners All

Cocotel, Airship, Experience Philippines

And so, the competition comes to an end with winners Cocotel, a hotel booking platform; Airship , a last mile delivery online service; and Experience Philippines, a gamified platform for planning local trips around the Archipelago. All were exciting to work with through the months. All quick witted, interested to learn, refined in their thinking. Gian embodied his brand completely —fun, open, energetic, throughly entertaining; the Airship girls were brilliant, precise, hardworking, always pushing the envelope; Cocotel was serious, decisive, and run by a bunch of young business executive types. What i learned most from them was to always stay the course even when things aren’t exciting, new, and easy going. Being clear on ones mission and vision is the way to get through the hard days.


Self-care is as critical a studying or shadowing to being a good mental health practitioner. Dragon roll sushi mid-day, mid week. Only a private practice has these perks. A good well balanced roll is the perfect bite. Happy day ahead

Work-life Balance

Mid-day, mid-week and am having some freshly made moron and suman at Quiapo church. It’s a cool morning and since Quiapo and Divisoria have cleaned up and the corona virus scare is abound, no one is around. I had just come from the daily mass and was feeling quite mellow. Everyone and everything seemed to slow down that day so I had time to watch the people as they streamed from the church. And, between the streams, I saw this beautiful sculpture of a beggar boy squat down center of the church. What must he think of his life? Does he beg thinking to fund his future? Does he still hope?

This morning, I was taking a break to get some balance in time for a rough week ahead. Is work-life balance even a concept a young beggar child has? Would it be defined as taking snippets of time to relax or is more coarse having time to pray for a miracle in between the begging hours?

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