Strengths Are Not Good Enough to Succeed in the Workplace

That phrase seems to go against what we have been taught in school: if you are good at your job, you should have job security and should rise to the top and be unstoppable. So, if you are a brilliant communicator in a PR firm or a math wizard at the actuarial department of an insurance company —the plum jobs should be  up for the picking.

Yet, we know so many of the brilliant people who are stuck in low paying jobs or are constantly in peril of losing their jobs. When you talk to them, both you and them are at a loss about why they are in a Performance Improvement Plan—it does not make sense —They seem to know their jobs pretty well and have the best degrees have the excellent technical skills to perform excellently.

One of the culprits could probably behavior! Mr smart guy may  have destructive, annoying and disturbing behaviors that simply turn people off so much that no one wants to work with him, let alone help him advance in his career. People who are unlocked by others are a magnet for disaster in the places where they work —they cannot launch successful projects, attract lawsuits or harassment cases. It is really a matter of time before they lose their jobs.

My coach to you:

If you are not getting assigned the key projects, have been passed up for promotions, have a challenge getting people to work with you —-look within before starting to blame others:

  1. Do you have bad etiquette: inappropriate dress, poor hygiene, bad odor. Do you have annoying habits of coming in late or lack social graces or keep cutting people down
  2. Is your stress reaction to fight: do you bicker over every difference in opinion? Are you able to take negative feedback constructively?
  3. Are you a good fit for the company: do you fit into the company’s norms or do you come across as awkward, weird, and obnoxious

There are ways to salvage the situation. Ways to develop savvy needed to succeed in the workplace. If you have aspirations greater than where you are now, I strongly suggest you hire an executive coach. A coach can help you learn about how you come across to others, and give you insights about your strengths and potential blind spots.

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