Kuwentuhan Covid

Online discussion on developing coping skills in light of Covid-19

Life in Manila has changed dramatically since the implementation of ECQ. Many are climbing up the walls with so much time and equal amounts of anxiety. Many complain that they have so much work and time to do it but remain in a ‘funk’ unable to do anything worth the paper it is written on. Such is the effect of anxiety and stress — the mind ruminates, imbalances of hormones rage, our moods are unpredictable.

Whist it looks like a runaway train, there are a few tricks we can use: create daily schedules, do activities that calm the nerves are some. For example, you know that bag of junk food is beckoning but it makes you feel ‘ugh’ after. Simply, keep the junk food in the cupboard and keep a basket of fruit nearby. The science shows that a simple change in environment can help create a change in habit.

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