21 Day Resilience Challenge: Internal Locus of control

Coach Bonnie Factor and I providing support during the Wuhan Virus Pandemic. This is day 2, Locus of control

Internal Locus of Control

The degree by which we believe we have great control over the events that affect our lives. When we believe we create our success and happiness, we become motivated to take action and improve our life situations. Being in control of our lives makes us less likely to experience anxiety, stress — less victims to life’s circumstances.

Some action words associated with Internal locus of control are: personal power, inner strength, personal control over situations

Reflection Question:
In the Wuhan-Virus experience, there are many things that we cannot control. And, there are equally many things that are within our power to control. Which parts of your life are you exerting control over in a positive way?

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The New Normal

Webinar with Legal, Human Resources, Remote workforce Teams to discuss the ‘new normal’

There are many legal implications that cover-19 brings to workforce management: what laws govern the new working codes and company policies. There are also many issues on mental health that need to be addressed, given the work-from-home as many workers are beginning to feel the stress and anxiety of working longer hours and without team members readily reachable. In this webinar, i provide insight on what CEOs and the management teams can expect from their employees. And, I provide leadership insights that generates better team engagement.

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Cover-19 and Philippine Start-ups

Working with SMEs and start-up founders has been invigorating. Young, bright, capable, and focused, they are out there to make the world a better place. As they put their own money into their dreams, the events of the pandemic sends them to freeze and wonder whether they should have taken the leap at all. In this video, I talk about the importance or hope and resilience in making it though the challenging time. Watch the full video here.

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