Initiatives for Staying Safe During Covid-19, a psychological perspective

Guesting with UST Medical Technology Group to suggest positive ways of coping

It has been close to 2 months since the ECQ and mental health issues abound. In this video, I guest with the UST Medical Technology group to discuss coping mechanisms effective for stemming anxiety, stress as well as providing insights on how to remain resilient at such a trying time. Watch the video here

Kalinga: Dealing with Mental Issues During a Pandemic

Today's video interview will be about the impact of mass media and social media on psychological attitudes and behaviors towards the COVID-19 pandemic with Ms. Suzanne Marie D. Roxas, MBM, RPsy, PhD (c). Learn more about mental health and ways to cope with it during times like this by watching our video down below!If you have any questions or queries, don't hesitate to reach out to Ms. Roxas at or visit her website at to learn more.

Posted by Lakas Tanglaw on Monday, 11 May 2020

Mental health in time of Covid-19

the discussion on this episode is the effect of collective anxiety to situations such as depression which may come with giving birth. With the current environment, it is challenging to diagnose mental health issues because of the elevate stress brought on by unusual times.
If you are feeling down, stressed, anxious over a disproportionate amount of time, seek help from a health professional. Do not self-diagnose. Watch the full episode here.

Tinig Marino TV guesting To assist OFWs with Mental health concerns

21 Day Resilience Challenge: Internal Locus of control

Coach Bonnie Factor and I providing support during the Wuhan Virus Pandemic. This is day 2, Locus of control

Internal Locus of Control

The degree by which we believe we have great control over the events that affect our lives. When we believe we create our success and happiness, we become motivated to take action and improve our life situations. Being in control of our lives makes us less likely to experience anxiety, stress — less victims to life’s circumstances.

Some action words associated with Internal locus of control are: personal power, inner strength, personal control over situations

Reflection Question:
In the Wuhan-Virus experience, there are many things that we cannot control. And, there are equally many things that are within our power to control. Which parts of your life are you exerting control over in a positive way?

See the whole video here


Making Relationships Work during Covid-19

Relationships are on trial as Covid-19 rages. Family members snipe and gripe. Everyone tries to get understanding and support from the other, but somehow, it is thin in coming. It is unfair to judge your spouse or demand from them at such an unusual trying time. There are simply too many points of uncertainty. Work on your relationship by focusing on your inner growth. Develop listening skills, self-reflection, test your personal strengths. Be there for yourself, try to give, but take care of yourself first. Once the situation normalises, attitudes and loving gestures will return as well. Watch the full Webinar here.


Money can’t buy Happiness

People’s greatest fear now is the loss of money.

Do we still have jobs? where we going to get the money for stuff we need? How are our businesses going to run? Will we have enough to ride this out?Those are the conversations amongst friends, officemates, parents. As if having money would certainly make them happy.

The science suggests that after the amount needed for basic needs, the excess monies does not equally increase the levels of happiness. And so, before worrying whether you would be happy with less shoes or less expensive vacations, the science suggests you chill. You will be just as happy with the old pair of slippers and a trip to the local beach. Someone with the BMW and Prada bag isn’t happier than someone carrying a nylon bag on a the MRT. People simply get used to the things they have that the novelty wears off pretty quickly.


Success Playbook

All these books on strategies can be condensed into 5 points: 1) you don’t know everything so be open to new ideas; 2) start with a resourced state: you will never have everything, so make the best with what you have; 3) work hard. There is simply no substitute to putting in the hours; 4) stay positive and keep everyone else around you positive even when things don’t seem to go your way; 5) take care of your relationships. They are really who this is all for and who matter, making every sacrifice worthwhile

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